Friday, May 10, 2013

Bad Spark Plugs?

Spark Plugs, with out them the engine won't run. 
They are a vital part of when, why and how of going on down the road. If they are in good condition, we don't even think about them. When they have gone bad, well.. it's not pretty.

What does a Spark Plug Do? The simple version, a spark plug is an electrical gadget that fits into your engine’s cylinder head where it “sparks” to ignite the fuel. The plug is connected to the ignition coil that generates the high voltage needed to spark the fuel and create combustion. And, it’s this combustion that causes your engine to run. So, no spark plug means no combustion, which means no go.

How important are the correct plugs? Car Manufacturers will select the right temperature plug for each car. Some cars with high-performance engines naturally generate more heat, so they need colder plugs. If the spark plug gets too hot, it could ignite the fuel before the spark fires; so it is important to stick with the right type of plug for your car.


The engine won't start, idles rough, it hiccups, back fires, and gas mileage sucks :-(

Many times when a spark plug will not fire there may be debris that has built up around the lower portion of the electrode and the grounding point. This will cause the spark plug to short out and not create a spark. The air gap is vital for the spark to occur.
      Rough Engine Idle: An ordinary symptom of a bad spark plug, rough idling exists when the engine stumbles. The engine may be vibrating because of Spark Plugs are not firing correctly. Not checking the symptom in time could lead to a severe damage.

·         Starting Trouble: If after several attempts, the engine will not start, it may be  the spark plugs have  failed  to produce the spark needed to start combustion. There may be a possibility that the battery is running dead due to faulty spark plugs.

·         Misfire: Engine misfire is similar to stammering, meaning, the vehicle acts as if it has the hiccups for a fraction of a second and then runs normal. A smooth purr of an engine is due to all cylinders firing. If a single cylinder interrupts the firing of the engine, it leads to engine misfire.

·         Engine Surging: The engine starts and stops suddenly, also known as engine hesitation.  The engine sucks in more air which interrupts the acceleration of the vehicle.

·         Low Mileage:  A drop in the fuel economy may be due to a bad spark plug. The poorer engine performance becomes more evident when the spark plugs are deteriorated. It is recommended to check the spark plugs at regular intervals.

·        Poor Acceleration: This symptom is easily to recognize. The engine performance is less than normal and power is slow to catch on. Pushing down the accelerator further does not boost the speed of the vehicle. 
Don't forget about the Spark Plug Wires too, and when you are checking your plugs...Make sure you connect the proper wires back to the corresponding plugs.... :-)

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