Monday, April 23, 2012

GMC Conversion Vans at Biggs Cadillac Buick GMC

Have you ever wondered, What is a Conversion Van?
           A Conversion Van is taking a stock, empty, bare interior Van that is customized to your specific likes and needs, be it to accommodate a handicapped individual with a lift gate or special needs equipment, to an outfitted unit suitable for camping, or something that is just plain comfortable for travel. Maybe you love to go the the races or to sports events, but want something that you can relax in at whatever time you feel the need. We have Conversion Vans here at Biggs Cadillac Buick GMC. 
            What is the advantage of a Conversion Van versus a Motor Home?
There is the initial investment. A Conversion Van is much less expensive than a Motor Home.
The gas mileage is better( 13 city, 17 hwy), so is the ease of parking a Van. You can fit into any parking spot. 

         Why purchase a Conversion Van?
A conversion van may be the best vehicle for you. They are roomy and that can be just what you need for a long road trip, or when you have a large family. Just think of all the possibilities for your family enjoying the American landscape in your new conversion van. The conversion van offers plenty of room for families with children and offers space for each child to have a place to play, game, watch TV or watch a DVD in the back of the van.
Thinking about taking a family trip with grandma? Or wondering how your whole family will be entertained when you take a trip in your new conversion van? No problem! Your new conversion van is very comfortable and grandma will have no problem finding a place that is right for her. Temperature control is out of sight. Grandma can be warm in her seat with extra heating and your wife can have plenty of cooling, so she doesn’t get too hot where she is sitting.
            The Conversion Vans that we have in stock are GMC Savana Vans equipped for the comfort of traveling. The first thing is the van roof is raised to a "High Top" which makes the inside much easier to move around in.They are stocked with a  26" flat screen TV with DVD, 4 Captains Chairs for comfort,  double doors on both sides for ease of entry, vertical shades on all of the side and rear doors for privacy,  grab handles at the side doors for help getting in and out if needed, leather seating for that luxurious feel, running boards on both sides, power bi-fold bed with an added back, connectors for gaming, special lighting, rear heat and A/C, and much more.
Next time you are looking for something that is the Right Fit - Try looking at a Conversion Van from Biggs Cadillac Buick GMC
You will see the difference, we truly go the extra mile.
Keep it between the lines,
Happy Motoring

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