Thursday, August 15, 2013

You should keep in your Car

Things You Should Really Think About Keeping In Your Car (Because, you just never know)
Water – You can drink it, wash up, clean, or put in your radiator)
Duct Tape – It is like glue. It will put just about anything back together.
Spare Clothes – Wet, muddy, dirty, stained, hot, cold, you just never know when a spare set of clothes, or jacket will be needed
Lug Wrench – Some have pry bar on the end, others do not. Either way you need one to get that flat tire off or the spare on.
Shovel – Whether you are an off road driver or not. If you have to dodge another car or an animal, you could end up in the soft shoulder of the road or in a soggy mess. When in doubt, shovel out.

Food – You can get hungry waiting for help.
Spare Key – Do you know that feeling, when you just realized you have lost or locked your keys in the car? Do you know the feeling when you realize…you have a spare one? Tuck one somewhere for safe keeping.

Jumper Cables – They are great to have when you left the lights on (again)…easier to get a jump if you have cables in your car.
Tire Pressure Gauge – Check your tire pressure (saves your tires, gas and maybe your life. Many of the air tanks don’t have working or proper gauges. You don’t want to over inflate your tires or under inflate for that matter.
First Aid Kit – If nothing else, keep some aspirin and band aids in your glove just never know.
Flashlight – Flat tire or dropped your keys in the dark….Check the batteries once a month, so it is ready for you when you need it.
Money –Keep some spare( spare?!) money somewhere safe just in case…
Jack – Very necessary, for fixing flats
Spare Tire/Tools – again…very necessary
Gas Can –…I can’t believe I just ran out of Gas..

What do you keep in your vehicle? 
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